F5 Tiger II Flight Manual - Normal Procedures

Aircraft Flight Manual - Section II



Before Exterior Inspection

  • 1. Form 781--Check form for both aircraft status and proper servicing.
  • 2. Seat and Canopy Safety Pins-Installed.
  • 3. F Sequenced Ejection Dual-Gas Coupling Quick-Disconnect--Visually verify proper connection of upper and lower halves of disconnect.
  • 4. Seat Attachment Bolts--Check Alignment.
  • 5. Switches Behind Headrest (F rear seat)--Check (4)
    • A. MISSILE SELECT Switch--As Required.
    • B. IFF ANT (antenna) TEST Switch--BOTH.
    • D. ATT & HDG (attitude and heading) POWER & Switch--ON
  • 6. Seat Ground Maintenance Safety Pins--Removed. (If safety pins are installed, do not remove until status of system has been checked by maintenance personnel.)
  • 7. Landing Gear Lever-LG DOWN.
  • 8. Gear Alternate Release Reset Control--RESET.
  • 9. Armament and Jettison Switches--OFF and SAFE.
  • 10. EXCEPT E-1 F-1 External Stores Jettison Handle--In; Safety Pin--Installed.
  • 11. Battery Switch-- As Required.
    • NOTE
    • Operation of static inverter and fuel and oxygen quantity indicators may be checked at this point, if desired.
    • Failure of indicators to respond indicates static inverter failure.
  • 12. External Power--As Required.
  • 13. Publications--Check.

Exterior Inspection

The aircraft should be checked for general condition, access doors and filler caps secured, and for hydraulic, oil and fuel leaks as well as the following:

  • 1. Gear Safety Pins--Removed.
  • 2. Pylon and Launcher Safety Pins--As Required.
  • 3. Pylon Ordnance Selector(s)--As Required.
  • 4. Pilot Cover--Removed.
  • 5. AOA Vane Cover--Removed.
  • 6. Aux Intake Doors--Closed.
  • 7. Arresting Hook Safety Pin--As Required.
  • 8. F External Tail Ballast--As Required. See section V for additional configuration ballast requirements for one and two crew.
  • 9. Retractable Steps--Stowed.

Interior Inspection

Rear Cockpit (Solo Flights) F

  • 1. Ejection Sequence Selector --SOLO
  • 2. Seat and Canopy Safety Pins--Installed.
  • 3. Survival Kit--Removed or Secured

    Automatic safety belt and shoulder harness do not provide adequate restraint for survival kit during zero or negative-g maneuvers.

  • 4. Safety Belt, Shoulder Harness, and Crew/Kit Retention Strap--Secure. Stow all loose equipment and secure automatic safety belt, shoulder harness, and crew/kit retention strap [T.O. 1F-5-869].
  • 5. Circuit Breakers--Check. All circuit breakers on left and right consoles in (closed).
  • 6. Radar Override Switch--Off (guard closed).
  • 7. Comm/Nav Override Switch--Off (guard closed).
  • 8. Comm and Nav Equipment--As Required.
  • 9. Oxygen Regulator--NORMAL/100%/OFF. Place oxygen emergency/test lever in NORMAL position, diluter lever in 100% position, and supply lever in OFF position.
  • 10. Lighting Controls--OFF
  • 11. Instrument Hood--Removed or Secured. Check all bungee cords connected.
  • 12. Canopy--Close and Lock.



F On flights with both cockpits occupied, items marked with an asterisk apply to crewmember in front cockpit.

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